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me on a winter walk during surgery rehab, jo cooke best

Firstly I would like to give you my thanks, thank you for being here, thank you for being part of my community and thank you for giving me the support to follow my dreams.

As many of you know, the last few years have been a whirlwind for me so being able to turn my art into a career was a dream I never thought was possible, come true, is one of the best feelings. Let alone teaming up with World Land Trust to raise money for land preservation, the beginning of their journey of protecting it, regenerating it with native animals and plants and maintaining it in the future with their Keepers of the wild.


A lot of people like to set new years resolutions, goals or aspirations. For me, I admire anyone who can do it but, my mind can't function with this method so I have a word for 2023 (which I am continuing on from last year).... COMMUNITY. 

I am making a promise to myself and to you that I will keep working on building a community and integrate it into a part of my daily life. 

Currently I am in the process of uploading a collection of 15 pieces from my 'Nakey Noo' Collection which I created in Autumn last year. These promote body positivity and acceptance of who we are, they are full of brightness and colour and joy and I will talk more about this on its own post later on as I don't want them to get lost here. To celebrate the collection, until the 31st of January you can take 10% off of any order with code M3RRYCHRI5TMA522. And, with any Nakey Noo piece, a percentage will be automatically donated to CoppaFeel to help educate young people about breast cancer awareness.

I have some dog portraits in progress, some planned wildlife pieces and some mini collections that I am planning at the moment. I expect some of these will take me beyond the end of the year but I love to keep the list of ideas generating. 

I am continuing my work on raising funds even more funds for World Land Trust and really can't wait to see this relationship grow.

When I am ready I will open the books for commission work again. Currently I am not in the right physical or mental space to work to deadlines or with pressure, however this should pass as recovery keeps progressing. 

The aim for later in the year is to have a gallery space or my own mini exhibition. I don't know yet if I will pull it off but, it's work in progress and something to aim for. If and when I get the chance to demo somewhere you will surely be one of the first to know! 

Please drop me a message if there is an animal you would like to see me paint, or if you have any ideas or suggestions. I love to hear from my community and of course, if there is any way that I can help you, please ask away! 

Right, take care and stay safe! Back to the hustle and bustle!

Jojo xXx



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